Screenwriter's Video

Video: Gentlemen producers, please pay attention to my script "Epokhalypse" (Crash of Era)/ This is the TV series, 35 episodes. This is a romantic melodrama about an advanced Russian man of 1880-1960. His name is Michael Atlantoff. He is a journalist by profession, a politician by vocation. About the rise of his career to the State Duma and the crushing fall (Siberia). By the will of fate and love, he was among the passengers of the Titanic. Yes, for the first time about the Russian trace in this tragedy! A poet friend of mine said that this script should be read with pleasure and in small portions, as if you were eating cake, stretching the pleasure. Events take place: in Kiev (Ukraine), in Russia (Moscow, Siberia), in Poland - Warsaw, in London and in New York I can add to what has been said: I have a targeted source of funding from $ 1 - $ 500 million for the "EPOKHALIPS" project.


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