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NEW BOOK "EPOKHALIPS" ВЫШЛА НОВАЯ КНИГА "ЭПОХАЛМПСИС" For over one hundred years, the sinking of the Titanic has inspired stories both romantic and tragic. There have been countless other disasters in the world since 1912 when Titanic sunk to the depths of yhe Atlantic, but this cataclysmic event captured the public's imagination and has not been forgotten. For the first time, a Russian's story of being on the Titanic is told. Events take place in Russia (Kiev, Moscow, Sebiria, Kolyma, Ekaterinburg), Ukraine, Poland, England, and the United States. BIO: Nadezhda Ignatova was born and grew in northern Russia, near Arkhangelsk. She is now lives in Kiev, Ukraine На протяжении ста лет, гибель Титаника вдохновляла рассказывать романтические и трагические истории. Было много и других катастроф, стихийных бедствий и трагедий в мире после 1912 года, когд