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EPOCHALIPS (Wreckage of the Epoch)

EPIGRAPH: “We are give birth for the inspiration, for sounds of sweet and prayers…” A. Pushkin EPOCHALIPS (Wreckage of the Epoch) SYNOPSIS Of 32 TV Series The beginning of the 20th century. England. There is a huge ship on the berth. The sea quay is overcrowded with scanning and shouting people. A string of people move up the ship’s ladder. A tall, elegant young man appears in the crowd with a grip-sack in his hand. Forcing his way through the crowd, he looks enthusiastically at the ship. Apologizing to people for nudges. He shows his ticket to the ticket collector. MICHAEL ATLANTOFF “Sir, I’m lucky to use this grand ship along with this handful of happy people, the greatest achievement of scientific and technical progress ever seen!” TICKET COLLECTOR “I am happy to tell you, sir, there’ll be more than two thousand people on board.” ATLANTOFF, standing high on the upper deck and looking into the distance of the ocean, thinks aloud: “Oh! If only my parents and